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Bar Triad
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Jan 14, 2019

Triad, the latest in a triumvirate of Shibuya bars to be introduced into Tokyo's sizzling nightlife, well and truly holds its own in a city where cocktails are very much the toast of the town.
Sibling to Bar Tram and Bar Trench, new kid on the block Bar Triad has recently opened within throwing distance of Bar Tram in Tokyo’s lively Shibuya district. Frequenters of American-style, upscale speakeasies will find themselves instantly at home in the seductively dark Tokyo bar, which has an Orient Express theme both in its décor and on its menu. With its copper fittings, sleek design, and experimental drinks menu, this is classy hipster heaven.

Bar Triad is split over two floors, with white spirits and aperitifs on offer on the fourth floor, and brown spirits and digestifs available on the fifth floor. The idea may be to work your way up, but you could quite easily choose your favourite type of tipple and while away the hours on either floor.

Sip a drink on the terrace of this bar in Tokyo and enjoy the city lights, or step back inside where the atmosphere is darkly glamourous. Wherever you are sitting you should take time to appreciate the drinks menu in all its imaginative glory. What it lacks in depth it makes up for in quality. With surprisingly sweet options like the “Who is the Murderer?” cocktail, an ingredient heavy potion of whiskey, Campari, Earl Grey tea, suze, salt and spices, and obscure concoctions like “Black Forest Fizz” which lists bamboo charcoal powder as a constituent part, you are sure to have fun choosing.

What stands out at Bar Triad is the team’s tangible objective of having some fun with experimental drinks options that are perhaps still in the research and development stage. Keep your eyes on this one, it could be a strong mover.

Bar Triad

「バー トラム」や「バー トレンチ」の姉妹店であるこのバーは、同じ渋谷区内にある「バー トラム」のすぐそばに新しく誕生したバーです。アメリカンスタイルの高級バーを好む人であれば足を踏み入れた瞬間にリラックスできる、アットホームな雰囲気を備えた魅力的なバーです。薄暗い照明の中には、オリエンタル急行をテーマにしたインテリアやメニューの他、コパー色の調度金具、なめらかなデザイン、実験的なドリンクメニューなど、流行に敏感な人が喜ぶおしゃれな空間が広がっています。


併設されているテラスで夜景を楽しみながら飲むのもよし、薄暗い照明が灯る華やかな雰囲気の店内で飲むのもよし。いずれにしろ、独創性が光るドリンクメニューにはじっくりと目を通してみてください。品揃えの薄い部分を品質で補っているところもこの店の魅力です。また、ウィスキー、カンパリ、アールグレイティー、スーズ、塩、スパイスをブレンドした「殺人犯は誰だ?(Who is the Murderer?)」のように非常に甘いカクテル、竹炭パウダーをブレンドした「ブラック・フォレスト・フィズ(Black Forest Fizz)」のようにあっさりとしたカクテルなど、選ぶ楽しさもあります。




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