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May 11, 2018

Bar Trench in Tokyo’s Ebisu district is full of on-trend references to late 19th-century drinking holes with its dark wooden counter, shelves full of potions, and barkeeps resembling Victorian dandies. This bar in Tokyo is a cosy drinking spot, renowned for its intimate setting and inventive drinks menu.
Squeezing in only up to 15 people at two tables and a few bar stools, you are sure to enjoy the personalised service on offer at Bar Trench, the epitome of a small and intimate bar. This Tokyo bar oozes class, yet somehow retains a casually relaxed atmosphere, a feel that is perhaps more westernised than many of Tokyo’s cocktail bars. Friendly bartenders of course help, and Trench’s globally sourced, talented bar staff are attentive and keen to ensure you have fun.

The drinks menu is full of craft cocktails where the emphasis is on classy creativity. There is a clear love for the green fairy, served traditionally with cold water and a sugar cube. But Trench prides itself on being somewhat of an absinthe specialist, so the spirit also features heavily on the intricate and detailed drinks menu. The original cocktails on offer are well worth a try. In particular, their Chai Martinez, with its mix of chai spices, pear eau de vie, and monkey 47 gin is a winning combination.




Arrive early to secure your spot and you will not be disappointed. This Tokyo bar is a hotspot and has featured prominently on lists of hot Asian bars for the last couple of years, and it is clear to see why. A visit to Trench is essential if you are keen to hit a Tokyo bar inspired by the European tradition of cocktail making, with a sophisticated edge and top-notch service. It is clear to see why the bar’s popularity continues.

バー トレンチ(Bar Trench)


ドリンクメニューには、創作性に富むおしゃれなクラフトカクテルがたくさん並んでいます。特に、グリーンフェアリーと呼ばれるアブサンを、冷水と角砂糖を用いて提供する伝統的なスタイルにこだわっています。というよりも、アブサンのスペシャリストであるという自負を持っているので、アブサンを使ったカクテルが豊富にあります。ここでしか味わえないオリジナルカクテルも挑戦する価値があります。特に、チャイのスパイス、洋ナシのオードヴィー、モンキー 47(クラフトジン)をブレンドした「チャイ マルティネス(Chai Martinez)」は格別です。