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Nov 27, 2018

With its dim lights, dark wood and leather-bound books, Tokyo cocktail bar, Code Name Mixology, has more than a hint of an above-ground speakeasy.

However, the classic drinking-den décor belies the out-of-the-box energy that powers this Tokyo bar‘s creativity. The brainchild of Shuzo Nagumo, dubbed ‘the Willy Wonka of extraordinary cocktails’, Code Name Mixology is like an alcohol-laced dream, drawn straight from a mad scientist’s imagination.

Here, they don’t just mix drinks: they make them from scratch, down to ageing liquor in their own on-site oak barrels. They even barrel-age entire cocktails: try the Manhattan Experience for a take on a classic drink you won’t forget. At this unique cocktail bar in Tokyo you can tell the bartenders your favourite flavours, then, minutes later, taste them expertly combined into a custom-made cocktail. The bar caters to a mainly international crowd and staff can take your dream flavour orders in English so don’t worry if your Japanese is rudimentary.



The drinks list abounds with foodie-influenced libations like the India Egg: a creamy blend of whiskey with traditional Indian spices; and Apple Matsutake, which blends pine-mushroom gin with sour apple and miso powder. And the house distillery is pure alchemy. Using a rotovape still, the connoisseurs at Code Name Mixology distil flavours that shouldn’t be possible – even cheese, the star ingredient in their Blue Cheese Martinis. The most delicate undertones of the blue cheese filter through to create an unusual, satisfying cocktail. The mixology doesn’t stop at the drinks, either: where else in the world can you pair your smoked chocolate martini with a succulent, sunset-yellow smoked egg?

As if the in-house creativity at this Tokyo bar weren’t enough, to keep its out-of-this-world cocktail on the absolute cutting edge, Code Name Mixology regularly hosts guest mixologists from around the globe.

Call yourself a cocktail aficionado? Then a stop at Code Name Mixology is a must on your top bars in Tokyo checklist.



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