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Guzzle at SG CLUB
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Jan 14, 2019

Guzzle is the chilled-out second child to the intense and grown up Sip; together they form the SG Club, a new entrant into the Tokyo cocktail bar scene and creation of Shingo Gokan, the always-dapper, Japanese-trained and American-inspired former bartender of the year.
Having made his name at the Angel’s Share, a Japanese-inspired cocktail bar in Manhattan, Shingo Gokan returned east and has recently opened the SG Club, in which you will find Guzzle at ground floor level. Located in the slightly quieter area of Tokyo’s Shibuya district, this American-inspired bar retains all the charms of a Japanese tavern, or izakaya, and transforms it into a relaxed and lively bar.



The highlight of the interior is the wooden bar area and ceilings adorned with tatami frames. The shelving behind the bar area is tastefully adorned with bottles upon bottles as well as regularly updated fresh produce. Whilst the bar area is busy, there is a sense of space and minimalism which serves to add to the casual feel. With great coffees and mocktails offered throughout the day, the atmosphere is light and breezy – a place where you can easily meet for either a quick coffee or a serious drink, depending on how your day is going.

Despite the oh-so-breezy nature of this US-inspired insertion into Tokyo’s bar scene, there are seriously good cocktail creations on offer. Don’t miss the New York Lemonade, an emulsion (don’t stir it!) which changes taste and evolves in alcoholic strength as you go. If you need something to soak up the spirits, there is a decent supply of classy bar snacks available. We suggest trying the mapo tofu hotdog, a deliciously spicy carb-laden snack which is guaranteed to do the job perfectly.


マンハッタンにある、ジャパニーズスタイルを取り入れたカクテルバー「エンジェルズ シェア(Angel’s Share)」にて名声を築き上げたバーテンダー、後閑 信吾が、日本に帰国してオープンさせたSG Club。その1階にあるのがGuzzleです。東京・渋谷の中でも比較的静かなエリアにあるこのアメリカンスタイルのバーは、日本の居酒屋の魅力を余すところなく取り入れた、活気がありながらもリラックスできるバーです。
東京のバーシーンに突如現れた、肩肘張らないアメリカンスタイルのバーですが、非常に質の良いカクテルを提供しています。一番のおすすめは、ニューヨーク レモネード(飲み進むにつれて味だけでなくアルコール濃度も変化していくので、これを飲むときには、絶対にかき混ぜてはなりません!)。バーらしい雰囲気を楽しみたい方には、昔ながらの軽食もおすすめです。また、糖質が豊富でスパイシーな軽食、麻婆豆腐ホットドッグも外せません。