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Apr 20, 2020

Smoking gun and liquid nitrogen: at this authentic bar in Tokyo, cocktail-making is an experimental affair.

Bar Libre is a quiet and relaxed Ikebukuro cocktail bar that combines seasonal, locally-sourced ingredients with modern bartending techniques to craft seriously high standard cocktails. Its creative and avant-garde approach has granted it a solid reputation that’s starting to cross borders: the bar just recently opened a sister location, Bar Libre Da Nang, in Vietnam.

Hidden down in a cellar, the intimate and cozy lounge is sparsely decorated – at Libre, the magic happens behind the bar. Soft jazz music plays in the background as the bartenders handle complicated-looking machines. With expert skill, high quality ingredients are transformed and combined to create delicious and unusual cocktails.

Fresh fruit cocktails are instantly frozen at -196 ℃ with liquid nitrogen, dispensing with the need for ice and thus preserving the full taste of the fruits. Charged with wood chips selected according to the spirit, a smoking gun enriches libations with complex smoky notes. Commonly known for its relaxing properties, an aroma diffuser is used here to infuses rinks with delicate fragrances such as rose, lavender or pomegranate. Finally, one to two months barrel-aged cocktails are made using oak barrels imported from the U.S., resulting in well-rounded drinks with a rich wood scent and mellow taste.

A top mixologist in Tokyo, owner Yujiro Kiyosaki will be happy to find your perfect cocktail match and guide you through the experience. We loved the fruity and smooth Red Circle, with 12 year-old Red Breast, Lillet Blanc, acerola juice, egg white, lemon juice and Angostura bitters. The bar also offers a compelling whisky selection – over 300 single malt references – as well as more than 10 types of Cuban cigars. The best time to come is for an after dinner drink, but if you’re craving a snack there is also a solid selection of bar food on offer. Feeling adventurous? The basashi, which is fresh horse meat sashimi, is a surprising and unique Japanese delicacy that’s definitely worth a try.

Bar Libre(バー リブレ)


池袋にある静かで落ち着いたカクテルバー「バー リブレ」では、旬の素材と最新のバーテンディング技術を融合させて、ハイレベルなカクテルを提供しています。その独創的かつ前衛的なアプローチは、国境を越えて高く評価されています(近年、ベトナムに姉妹店――バー リブレ ダナンがオープンしました)。



東京にいるトップミクソロジストの一人である、オーナーバーテンダーの清崎 雄二郎(きよさき ゆうじろう)は、自身の経験を活かして、ゲスト一人ひとりに合わせたカクテルを提供しています。一番人気は、レッドブレスト12年、リレ ブラン、アセロラジュース、卵白、レモンジュース、アンゴスチュラビターズをブレンドして作られるフルーティでなめらかな味わいのカクテル「レッド・サークル(Red Circle)」です。カクテルだけでなく、ウイスキーの品揃えも魅力的で、300種類以上のシングルモルトを取り揃えています。また、キューバ産シガーも常時10種類以上揃っています。訪問するのにベストな時間帯は夕食後ですが、軽く食事をしたい人のためにフードメニューも充実させています。少し冒険してみたい気分なら、馬刺しはいかがでしょうか?新鮮な馬刺しは、ちょっと意外かもしれませんが日本でしか食べられない珍味です。ぜひトライしてみてください。