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Boxcar Social


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May 11, 2018

A chic yet comfortable combination of coffee shop and craft beer, wine, and whisky bar in Toronto, Boxcar Social has managed to become a master of all.

The group of friends who founded Toronto’s Boxcar Social had a few simple goals when then opened their doors: only do what they already had a passion for doing, do it together, and do a great job at it. Offering an ever-evolving list of coffees and craft beers from the finest roasters and brewers in North America and a full roster of new world wine, scotches, and bourbons, it’s safe to say that they have succeeded. Located in Toronto’s Summerhill area, Boxcar Social takes part of its name from the fact that the location of the space is only steps from an old train station and tracks. That’s the ‘boxcar’ portion of the name, the ‘social’ comes from the fact that the aforementioned founders wanted to create a space where people could socialize and enjoy good times together without labelling the space a ‘bar’, ‘cafe’, or ‘coffee shop’. Boxcar Social blends the best of all three to create a venue unlike anything else in the city. Brick walls, dangling lightbulbs, weathered light woods, and assorted vintage touches surround you upon entering Boxcar Social, and pair perfectly with the drinks menu. While the list is always rotating, the number of scotch and bourbon bottles available typically number in the dozens, as does the craft beer and wine selection. All offerings are personally selected by the Boxcar Social team, and you’ll assuredly be thrilled with the results of their research. Photo credit –