Arimo American Champagne Bar

Treviglio-City Centre

  • ‘Champagne’

May 11, 2018

A classic cocktail bar and champagne shop in Treviglio, Italy, Arimo American Champagne Bar brings both luxurious worlds together with spectacular results.

They’re aren’t many things in libation life better than a world class champagne and bottle shop, but Arimo American ups the ante by combining the retail side of things with an exclusive cocktail bar.
Located in the Italian town of Treviglio (around an hour from Milan), Arimo American Champagne Bar is a luxurious venue full of timeless touches that suits the pouring of champagne to a tee. Yes, it’s all golden picture frames, low light, slick leather, and black-and-white portraits on the wall, with the former being the brightest star, as it creates a stunning mirror effect that simply must be seen. We can’t go any further though without telling you a bit about the proprietor, as he has been a legend in the local spirit-selling scene for decades, and was drawn to this particular venue the first time he stepped foot in Treviglio due to its romantic setting. In addition to selling bottles of bubbly, he has an absolute passion for all things cocktail, and pours some of the finest drinks in Lombardy from his post behind the bar.
Cocktails include all the classics you would expect (many kissed with the finest Italian aperitifs), but there’s always a surprise or two up his sleeve here, including many exclusive tasting nights. We can’t think of any better place to taste La Dolce Vita in Italy, and we’re betting a bottle you’ll agree.

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