Chill Out

Franz Von Hahn


2 / 5

May 11, 2018

Designer drinks den home to some of the best cocktails in Vienna, Franz von Hahn stands as a testament to the seamless blending of style and substance.

A cavernous and conceptually-lit space in the heart of graceful Vienna, Franz von Hahn has burst on to the city’s scene and immediately gained a reputation for being one of the most sought-after addresses in town. The first thing that you will notice upon entry to Franz von Hahn, is that everything, and we mean everything, has been painstakingly designed and placed to be pleasing to the eyes. The minimalist aesthetic here is simply out of this world, with concrete, art, and light crashing together in striking fashion. In fact, the weathered walls and the light that bathes them – arranged by local legends Neon Golden – are a sight worth seeing in themselves. If they could talk, they would certainly have some lurid tales to tell as the venue was previously the den of one of Vienna’s most well-known madams. Nowadays though, the only vice going in within the walls is imbibing, and Franz von Hahn stocks shelves of the finest spirits in the world  (especially brandy, whisky, gin, and vodka) and blends them with the flair of the best bartenders in town. Everything from modern mixers to vintage selections are served, with all cocktails made with an eye to pairing perfectly with the surrounds.