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May 11, 2018

This smart, stylish bar has a very cosmopolitan atmosphere. Located in one of the Stadtbahnbßgen built by architect Otto Wagner...

This smart, stylish bar has a very cosmopolitan atmosphere. Located in one of the Stadtbahnb√ügen built by architect Otto Wagner, the bar overlooks one of the main thoroughfares of the city in an area that is fast becoming a hub for Vienna’s nightlife and so is perfectly located if you fancy a bit of bar-hopping, or you want to sip a quality cocktail before heading off to a club. There’s a vast range of drinks on offer from a regularly updated menu, and cocktails are cool creations prepared by skilled bar tenders who are always willing to experiment (the bar stocks hundreds of varieties of alcohol, so there’s sure to be something you like!). Drinks come served in glassware chosen to complement your chosen beverage, too, making imbibing a visually pleasing experience as well as a tastebud tantalising one. The crowd is chic and agreeable; a mix of regulars and the occasional tourist enjoying this newly revitalised spot, and the service is friendly and efficient. As the night progresses the smooth music keeps the place ticking over and, during periods of warmer weather, there is access to a charming garden so you can sip your drink under the stars making it a perfect place for a romantic interlude. The place is open evenings till late most nights (2am most weeknights, 4am at weekends) and reservations are recommended to bag a key spot. This isn’t a large venue and it’s increasingly popular, so you may need to arrive early on the busier evenings to be guaranteed a seat!