Onyx Bar


Onyx Bar


2 / 5

May 11, 2018

If rum in your coffee, strawberry in your cake or mint in your cocktail is what you're after, pop into Onyx, Vienna's hottest and hippest cafe-bar-club.

If rum in your coffee, strawberry in your cake or mint in your cocktail is what you’re after, pop into Onyx, Vienna’s hottest and hippest cafe-bar-club. You’ll find it on the sixth floor of the beautiful and arty Haas House on Stephansplatz, a gorgeous hi-tech steel and glass structure designed by the famous Viennese architect Hans Hollein. Sitting at the bar’s sleek tables on its stylish chairs, the view is as breathtaking as the drinks menu. The long glass front offers a panoramic view of some Vienna’s most striking landmarks, particularly St Stephen’s Cathedral, which is directly opposite. It looks spectacular when lit up at night. During the day, cappuccinos and lattes are consumed with delicious cakes, while arty and intellectual types spice up their espressos with a dash of rum. In the evening, the yellow Onyx bar lights up and the club-bar opens its doors to the smartly dressed. Politicians, actors and celebrities all pop up at one time or another, along with those looking to climb the social ladder. The atmosphere is heady, sometimes haughty, always hip and Vienna’s high society don’t mess around with the strength of their drinks. Every conceivable alcohol and mixer, from wine and beer to vodka and Absinthe, is on offer here. The effortlessly charming bar staff also make an exquisitely good cocktail if you fancy something a bit flashier to sip while taking in the view. Enjoy the Cathedral, although the handsome waiters and mini-skirted waitresses might be hard to take your eyes off.