Chill Out Lounge

Vienna-Innere Stadt/Stephansdom

  • Wine
3 / 5

May 11, 2018

There's something very homely about Vienna's Chill Out Lounge, with its red-walled décor and comfy rattan chairs and sofas.

There’s something very homely about Vienna’s Chill Out Lounge, with its red-walled décor and comfy rattan chairs and sofas. Appropriately enough, this laid-back cocktail bar has a relaxing atmosphere, with enough cushions for a good night out to feel like a good night in. That’s not meant disparagingly; far from it. With its peaceful vibe, it’s that elusive thing, a bar where you feel as at home as you might in your own living room if, that is, your living room were equipped with a top-flight, skilled bar staff, an extensive drinks menu and a dizzying array of optics. Every type of drink is available here, from whiskey and beer to something fruitier, and served from the afternoon until the early hours of the morning. The lounge is designed to be as welcoming as possible, enticing you into sitting and lingering, sipping on wine, cocktails or spirits as you catch up with friends, take it easy after work or snuggle up in a corner with a date. There’s an attractively priced Happy Hour between 6pm and 8pm during the week and the occasional DJ adds to the bar’s ambience by playing some soothing tunes to while away the time. There’s no dance-floor, but that’s not the point of this bar. It’s undoubtedly stylish but subtly so; ideal, as the name implies, as somewhere to chill out. It’s a great place to enjoy cheap early evening drinks with a group of mates before slapping yourselves awake and moving on to a club.