Jazz & Blues


Vientiane-city centre

  • Great food
4.5 / 5 2 / 5

May 11, 2018

The classiest dive bar in Vientiane, Basik Lounge serves up a warm welcome, a playful drinks menu and, if you’re lucky, maybe even a free dance lesson.

Basik Lounge describes itself as a “dive bar”, but we don’t really think that does it justice. Its interior is too classy and well-designed for it to be a rough hole-in-the-wall – complete with sleek leather couches, ambient lighting and an intimate bar area. Sure, from the street, the bar is very unassuming, and you’d be forgiven for almost missing it, but inside is a friendly crew of bar staff and a great selection of top-shelf spirits and Asian liqueurs. Basik Lounge serves a seafood-heavy food menu, featuring dishes like salmon carpaccio, baked oysters and fresh-made sushi, and if you’re there during a special event or party, you’ll be able to sample a whole host of delicious platters. When it comes to the drinks, Basik Lounge can whip up some mean classic cocktails (their favorites being old fashioneds, martinis and mojitos), but can sometimes get playful with their alcoholic concoctions, like the Hoegaarden Candy – a mixture of raspberry lambic and white beer. There’s also a selection of shooters (perfect for party groups), bottled beers and ciders. Aside from the food and drinks, Basik Lounge regularly plays host to dance lessons and holiday parties (their Halloween “fright night” is a hit with the locals), often accompanied by music from local DJs. Photo credit –