The Bubbles

The Bubbles


2 / 5

May 11, 2018

The Bubbles is a bar in Vilnius specialising in champagne

The Bubbles styles itself as a Champagneria, which is a word of which we are rather fond. There should be more Champagnerias we think. Basically this means they specialise in the fizzy stuff. The wine list features champagne and prosecco, around 30 of each, as well as other. Situated in the Old Town, the room is handsome and elegant. It’s just the sort of place you’d want to spend the evening drinking crisp fizz and maybe having a snack or two. The atmosphere is sophisticated without being stuffy. This place has a grown up vibe, but sometimes that’s exactly what you want of an evening: a grown up place to enjoy a grown up drink. Staff are friendly and the décor simple but attractive. We like this a lot.