6 Cocktails


6 Cocktails


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May 11, 2018

A covert social club serving up creative cocktails and world-class music, 6 Cocktails is a speakeasy unlike any other - only a select few can gain access.

There’s always one house on every street that becomes famous for its legendary parties – 6 Cocktails is one such house, on an otherwise seemingly quiet street in Warsaw. A covert “social club”, entrance to 6 Cocktails can only be garnered by emailing the staff beforehand and being sent an invitation. Then you must arrive at the address, press the bell beside a big wrought-iron entrance gate and wait to be buzzed in. Inside, the interior of 6 Cocktails is just as understated as its entrance, with exposed lightbulbs, sparse concrete walls dotted with the odd piece of art and curtains slung at the windows (and that’s not to mention the separate smoking lounge and original whirlpool bathtub in the bathroom). But what this apartment bar lacks in terms of decor, it more than makes up for in creative cocktails, whipped up by a team of passionate and knowledgeable bartenders.   Served in unique glassware, the cocktails at 6 Cocktails are constantly being updated and improved, but often include popular favorites like the Torino Sour (gin and Italian aperitif) and the Hot Lucy (gin, fresh coriander and ginger), along with house party staples like passionfruit Jello shots, served in skull head glasses (because why the heck not?) To complete the festive atmosphere, 6 Cocktails regularly hosts world-class DJs who provide the tunes while the lucky few who gained entrance dance the night away.