Weles Bar


Weles Bar


4.7 / 5 3 / 5

May 11, 2018

The atmospheric Weles bar in Warsaw is a gorgeous temple for patygoers. With a glamorous interior and array of specialist drinks- it is highly popular for a night out.

Named for one of the old gods, Weles is a gorgeous space. The interior is hugely atmospheric with a sweeping staircase, a great glass chandelier, ivy green leather armchairs, stylish artwork, and the sense of something a little illicit and ritualistic – with its cross-shaped tables, it resembles a temple, albeit one dedicated to liquid deities. The bar staff are dapper in their attire and really know what they’re doing. Weles serves quality cocktails and other potent potions as well as bar snacks and various platters of meats and cheeses. Drinks are named for the elements and include things like the Equinox, a mixture of bourbon, orange bitters and Tia Maria, The Odder Side, which is laced with chocolate and beetroot (trust us, this really works), the Pink Pin, a mix of tequila, aloe and rose petal, the Soothing of the Soul, a potent pairing of mezcal and slivovitz, and the Rose Without Thorns, made with red peppercorn gin. They also serve contemporary classic like the Penicillin and the Pornstar Martini and stock a good line in fizz. This place exudes style and it’s easy to see why it’s popular with Warsaw’s discerning young drinkers.