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May 11, 2018

A unique cocktail bar in Warsaw that combines elite mixology with one of the most stunning interior designs anywhere in Europe, Weles simply must be seen.

Hidden in the heart of Poland’s bustling capital Warsaw, you will find Weles, an award winning cocktail den dedicated to the fine art of cocktail mixology and the Slavic god of the night – but mostly just the fine art of cocktails. The bar takes its name and some of the inspiration of its decor from Weles, the Slavic deity who was the ruler of nocturnal goings on, magic, music, and prosperity, making the venue like nothing else in the city from the start. Speaking of that, finding Weles is a bit of a challenge, as there is no sign for the bar, you just have to look for the bar’s cryptic logo above an unmarked door near the listed address. Once inside, you are surrounded by a mysterious and enchanting decor of weathered stone walls, mystifying murals, a custom-made chandelier, candles overflowing with wax, a bold marble bar, and an antique tin ceiling. When it comes to the cocktails, this is where Weles excels, featuring a menu that brings unique flavours and aromas to the table in addition to putting twists on classics. A few fine examples are the Ear of Grain –  which pays homage to the harvest, featuring white pepper vodka, sherry, lemon, and a slight race of chamomile – Rose Without Thorns – red peppercorn gin, rose petal syrup, cherry liqueur, lemon, and egg white – and the Equinox – a blend of bourbon, coffee, and citrus.