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May 11, 2018

A Latin American-inspired restaurant and bar set over three levels of an old colonial building, Hummingbird serves up fruity cocktails and fusion cuisine.

Located in a lovingly-restored colonial building in the business district of Yangon, Hummingbird is a Latin American-style restaurant and bar that splits the fun over three levels – and even throws a roof terrace into the bargain, too. The interior is classy yet quirky – take the old metal safe used as a table, for example – and the color scheme (teal greens and browns) complements the aesthetic of the building perfectly. The food menu at Hummingbird is inventive and features elements of both Latin-American and Asian cuisine, headed up by an enthusiastic British chef. Plates are beautifully-presented, and the restaurant is particularly proud of its international brunch menu, including everything from full English breakfasts, to French toast, jambalaya and eggs benedict – perfect when washed down with a Bloody Mary with all the trimmings. Drinks at Hummingbird are equally as well-thought-out, with many of the cocktails erring on the fruity side of things – think pandan, mango and lychee flavours. They also pride themselves on their selection of mojitos (seven different varieties – carrot, lychee, chilli, watermelon, pineapple, orange and classic) and happy hour usually includes house favourites like the Plumtini, muddled with plum-infused vodka and peach liqueur. Hummingbird also offer bottle service of several premium spirits, and a variety of wine and beer selections. In addition, regular live music, ladies nights and themed holiday parties ensure that the atmosphere is always kept as fresh and as exciting as the food and drinks. Photo credit –