Ice Bar


Ice Bar


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May 11, 2018

The most stylish igloo you’re ever likely to step foot in, Ice Bar hosts daily live band performances and serves up drinks as cool as the decor.

Many nightlife spots in Yangon are considered ‘cool’, but none are quite literally as cool as one designed in the style of an igloo, like the Ice Bar inside the Sedona Hotel. Featuring whitewashed walls in the style of ice blocks, white leather stools and sofas and transparent tables backlit with muted blue lighting to give the effect of a carved block of ice, the interior of Ice Bar is truly unique. Unlike many bars around the world with similar names, this venue is not actually made out of ice, so there’s no need to wear fur to truly enjoy the experience. Basically, Ice Bar offers all the fun of sitting inside an ice cave, without actually sitting inside an ice cave. The main boon of Ice Bar is its regular lineup of live music acts (often a house band or touring group), but they also feature a regular calendar of events to tie-in with holidays and spirit brands. Despite its impressive selection of bottles behind the bar, many customers like to warm up (see what we did there?) with a tot of one of the international whiskies on offer, but if that isn’t your style, there’s plenty of bottled and draught beers, gin and tonics, mixers and freshly-squeezed juices, along with daily drinks specials to whet your appetite.