Great View

Piano Bar & Grill


3 / 5

May 11, 2018

Yangon’s first rooftop bar, Piano Bar & Grill offers sweeping views over the city, as well as a funky design, fusion menu and fruity cocktails.

Yangon’s first rooftop bar, Piano Bar & Grill is situated on the top floor of the Hotel Parami, offering sweeping views of Inya Lake and Yangon City from its large portrait windows and open-air terrace (meaning that you’re pretty much guaranteed a great view, no matter which table you sit at). The design of Piano Bar & Grill is modern and futuristic – all angular lines and muted neon lighting – and the square bar situated in the middle of the floor makes a great centrepiece.The venue actually encircles the hotel’s rooftop pool, and themed parties at the bar have been known to spill over into the water when the customers are having fun.

The food menu at Piano Bar and Grill is filled with delicious Asian-fusion cuisine (sesame foie gras and banana tempura, for example) and there’s also a late-night tapas menu of small plates, should you get a little peckish as the evening progresses. When it comes to the drinks, you’ll spy an impressive lineup of international spirits stocked behind the aforementioned bar and the friendly staff uses them to whip up recipes from an equally-impressive cocktail menu. There’s some usual suspects on there (manhattans, old fashioneds and martinis), but the bar is particularly proud of its ‘sours’ selection – extending beyond the usual whisky sour to include sours muddled with gin, amaretto, rum, vodka and brandy, among others. For the more daring, Piano Bar & Grill offers several alcoholic shots, and for something a little more refreshing, guests can also enjoy a range of delicious fresh fruit and vegetable juices.