Booze and Blues


  • Terrace
  • Live music
  • Jazz & Blues
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May 11, 2018

Booze and Blues is an American-style live music bar filled with music memorabilia and funky furnishings, serving up spirits, shooters and frothy pints.

We won’t offer you two guesses as to what the theme of Booze and Blues is, because the name pretty much sums it up. Located close to the heart of Zagreb’s city centre, Booze and Blues is a cozy bar and live music venue that emulates the great jazz clubs of North America, and does it with style and a sense of humor. If you’re a music lover, you’ll delight in the unique lights made from drum kits and the and the beer pump made from a saxophone, but you’ll be equally-as-thrilled to discover the black and white photos of music legends plastered over the exposed brick walls. Booze and Blues includes an outdoor patio for sitting and sipping during the day, but you’ll want to be inside with the crowds at the weekends, when the bar hosts a variety of musicians and singers belting out the best that jazz, blues and soul has to offer.
The drinks menu at Booze and Blues skews mostly towards draught beer (both local and imported), as well as a handful of bottled European ales, and a wide range of spirits – mostly whiskies – available by the shot or bottle. You can also order a selection of Croatian rakijas (a strong fruit brandy that’s guaranteed to put hairs on your chest), a handful of classic cocktails, and some get-the-party-started shooters.