Caffe Bar Boeing


4.5 / 5 2 / 5

May 11, 2018

A hip-as-can-be cafe and bar in Zagreb, Boeing is home to a stunning interior design and a menu filled with quality coffee, delicious drinks and food.

Hidden amongst the beautiful wide boulevards and fine architecture of Croatia’s grand capital, Zagreb, Caffe Bar Boeing is a warm and welcoming refuge, home to quality coffee, good food, and great drinks.
There’s a lot that we love about this venue, and it all starts with the design, as walking in feels like stepping into a stylish showroom. It’s hard to know where to start, as everything from the walls (made of striking brick) to the furniture (Scandi chic) makes a fine impression, but we will give it our best shot.  For starters, there’s the faux fireplace surrounded by logs, mustard yellow futuristic-retro chairs, and Old West style mounted skull and antlers, which fit perfectly with the cowhide rugs, wooden tree stumps for tables, and a vintage phonograph and radio on the funky bookshelves on the corner. This is so say nothing of the large outdoor terrace that comes to life during Zagreb’s warm and sunny summers.
When it comes time for a bite or a drink, Cafe Boeing really comes through, offering up everything from barista-quality freshly made coffee to a range of Croatian beer and light fare. It’s the type of venue perfect for lazy afternoon get-togethers that turn into fun evenings you never expected, and it’s safe to say you’ll catch us here during our next trip to Zagreb.