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Club Roko


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May 11, 2018

An iconic club that has stood the test of time, Zagreb's Club Roko is home to top notch DJs and live music, a lively crowd, and terrific drinks.

An absolute legend on the Zagreb nightlife scene for the better part of two decades, Club Roko is going stronger than ever, still providing the Croatian capital with one of the best nights out in town, and for many, memories that last a lifetime.   Coming to Club Roko has become a bit of a rite of passage for Zagreb locals ever since its opening, as the club is located directly across from the largest set of university housing in the country and became well known early on for its student nights. In fact, Club Roko is the type of place where many people have met future spouses and best friends, and those people making a pilgrimage back here to celebrate the good times they had in the past has certainly contributed to part of its ongoing success. It doesn’t hurt either that the club is home to some of the finest house DJs in all of Croatia and multiple well-stocked bars that dispense everything from cocktails and beer to premium bottle service.    While Club Roko can certainly compete with the big clubs in town in terms of quality f DJs and entertainment, it is not a cavernous space lacking character at all. No, Club Roko still manages to be a comfortable and warm place featuring exposed brick walls, soft lighting, and even an outdoor terrace. Photo Credit: