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May 11, 2018

A compact but cozy and fun space in the heart of stately Zagreb, Gost&ona welcomes all guests as old friends, and most quickly become regulars.

We will address the obvious right off the top – yes, the name of this quirky bar in the Croatian capital of Zagreb is indeed “Gost&ona” (ampersand and all), but there is a good story behind it. The name is a play on a few words in Croatian – “gostiona”, which is an old word for a hotel or inn, “gost” which means guest, and “ona”, which means she. So what does it all mean mixed together? Well, we’re guessing it has to be a reference to the fact that this bar is one of the most welcoming and fun places in all of town, which is exactly why it has become so popular.   Just off one of Zagreb’s famously grandiose streets, Gost&ona features an eclectic interior to say the least, with an exposed brick wall and dangling fairy lights surrounded by shelves and a chalkboard-style black and white mural on the back wall. That’s the indoor space; the outdoor space is probably the highlight of the venue, as the terrace owns a prime sunny spot, and fills up quickly on nice days. The libations on offer lean to the wine and beer side, but that’s not to say they can’t whip up a killer cocktail, with Gost&ona being especially highly rated for their rakija selection (the traditional spirit of Croatia). In the end, it’s the atmosphere that truly separates Gost&ona from the crowd though, making all their guests feel at home and all feel like they had one heck of a time.