Night Out



3.7 / 5 3 / 5

May 11, 2018

Club H20 brings an elite global clubbing experience to Croatia, promising pure fun among a world of flamboyant fantasy and scintillating music.

While the name of Club H2O may sound refreshing and cool, this venue is arguably the hottest in all of Croatia, bringing a jaw-dropping combination of Las Vegas glitz and Ibiza club glamour to the Balkans.    Located in the heart of the Croatian capital Zagreb, which has seen its profile as a party city raised dramatically in recent years, Club H2O provides a continual parade of the region’s finest DJs, concerts, and theme nights for its partiers.   In addition, the club make all who enter its doors feel a bit more glamorous and jet-set than they did when they first walked in, and this may just be the secret to its success. How does it achieve this? Well, it all starts with the alluring aesthetic of the club, with bright white fixtures and jewels dangling from the ceiling that brilliantly reflect light of all colors around the room, including on the island bar that takes care of cocktail-loving revelers. It has been specifically designed to reflect the personality of Zagreb, and if you’ve spent any time in the grand city, you’ll understand. Throw in touches like bottle service, elite dancing troupes that pulse to the music (the type you would see at the biggest clubs in the world), and even an entrance that brings to mind a Hollywood red carpet, and you have a true A-List experience that doesn’t end until six in the morning every weekend.