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May 11, 2018

One of the most happening addresses on Zagreb's most famous street, History is one part cafe, one part bar, one part club, all adding up to a great time.

In the historic center of the Croatian capital Zagreb, only a short walk from the stately main square, History presents a truly unique experience to all who enter its doors. Offering a combination like no other in the city, History declares itself a bar, club, tavern, and cafe all at once, and has managed to defy the oddsmakers over the years to become a master of them all. History’s location on the most famous street in Zagreb’s Old Town cannot be understated, as Tkalčićeva Street is the true beating heart of the old city. This attractive stretch is dotted with boisterous bars and lively restaurants where locals and tourists alike gather with the backdrop of beautiful tile-roofed Croatian buildings, and the atmosphere spills over into History. The bar is lined with vintage pictures of different eras of pop culture – think a portrait of the Beatles next to a framed image of a classic movie couple  – and plenty of plays on the establishment’s name, including a large sign that declares ‘History Begins Here’. History is a welcoming place during the day for a bite to eat and to people-watch with a coffee in your hand, but at night it dials things up a notch to become one of the liveliest locales on a street lined with hotspots. The bar stays busy all night showing sports and pouring beer and cocktails, while those looking for something a little more refined are welcome at the club, which is full service and features scintillating DJ sounds.