Ray Grill & Club


Ray Grill & Club


4.4 / 5 2 / 5

May 11, 2018

One of the brightest hotspots on Zagreb's night scene, Ray Grill & Bar keeps the party going until the wee hours with fantastic drinks and top notch DJs.

One of Zagreb’s hippest venues, Ray Grill & Club is home to both a sizzling night scene and one of the most eclectically-designed spaces we’ve seen in this neck of the woods. The Croatian capital is known for its wide boulevards, leafy parks, and cobblestoned old town, but the city has also become quite the mecca for nightlife. The ‘young and the fun’ from all over the region (and Europe for that matter) flock into Zagreb at the weekends to let loose and mingle, and Ray Grill & Club is there to greet them with open arms and an open bar. First impressions can be everything in nightlife, and the ones at Ray are nothing short of spectacular. Feeling something like a cross between a saloon and a stylish library, the turquoise paint, antique light shades, chandeliers, and antlers are bound to grab your attention the moment you walk in. The stage is located in the far corner, and most nights you’ll find a top touring DJ or band there keeping the party going until well past late.  Our favorite part of the room though is without a doubt the centerpiece bar, as it battles the stage to become the focal point of things each evening.  We can vouch that the bar staff here can compete with any in Zagreb, as they churn out cocktails with the quality you’d expect from a mixology den in the speed you’d see in a packed nightclub, and we suppose that’s a fitting description of Ray Grill & Club.