Liquid Bar


    May 11, 2018

    Part of the successful Liquid Group - a name we very much approve of - this is a perennially hip favourite based along fun, colourful lines.

    Part of the successful Liquid Group – a name we very much approve of – this is a perennially hip favourite based along fun, colourful lines. The outside is fairly unprepossessing (dare we even say, a little boring?), but inside the décor has a distinctly retro-futuristic feel – think the Jetsons’ living room meets the Ice Storm. Expect plenty of neon lighting, primary colours, bubble light fittings, mirror balls, quirky ornaments and spacey decor, with a wood ceiling above the bar (we’d say the stylishly striped wallpaper looks very Paul Smith, but we’re not sure and don’t want to get anyone sued). Seating is in comfy, retro, low-level bubble chairs or on low slung white couches but the music played by top city DJs will probably make you want to get up, not sit down. There are plenty of large windows that can be thrown open to let in light during the day and stop the place from getting too stuffy, and even some outdoor seating that’s perfect for early evening if you want to enjoy a drink and watch the world go by. There’s a decent selection of beers, wines and cocktails on offer, with winning choices including margaritas by the pitcher. Heck, we even enjoyed the walk to the place – down infamous Longstrasse, the once seedy, now hip, red-light street. Liquid Bar is open early evening till midnight most nights but the party keeps going until 4am on weekends, so get yourself down there, grab a drink and settle in for the night.

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