BC3 negroni - the highlight of the Dandelyan cocktail menu

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Feb 12, 2019

BC3 negroni - the highlight of the Dandelyan cocktail menu
The ‘Vices of Botany’ cocktail menu at Dandelyan, the bar at the Mondrian Hotel in south-east London, offers an array of twists on classic cocktails, but as summer ap-proaches (albeit slowly), I couldn’t resist trying their bee-inspired ‘BC3 negroni’.

It’s described on the Dandelyan cocktail menu as a ‘bittersweet, boozy sipper’, and, in that respect, it lives up to expectations. The sweetness of the vermouth and honey is offset by the bitter kick of the Campari and, despite the ingredient shake up, this cocktail stays true to its classic roots.

A negroni is normally topped off with a twist of orange peel, but Dandelyan goes without the garnish. Served in an elegant and delicate lowball tumbler the first thing that hits you is the sweet smell of the aged honey. It is smooth, light as a bee’s wing and dangerously drinkable, getting less intense towards the end as the ice melts.

A classic first date order, the negroni normally only contains three ingredients: gin, Campari and vermouth. But this is no normal negroni.

To make one of these you’ll need:

  • Bombay sapphire
  • Dandelyan pollen vermouth
  • Ceylon Arrack (a spirit made by tapping and distilling coconut flower sap)
  • Campari
  • Aged honey

To prepare these ingredients the gin is heated with beeswax, and the Campari with propolis to enhance the other sweet flavours. The use of beeswax, honey and propolis makes this drink hum with flavour and transforms this from an aperitivo to more of an after-dinner cocktail with sweet notes running through it.

According to the Dandelyan cocktail menu, however, the best time to drink this cocktail is ‘all day, all night’, which we wouldn’t argue with either.

Coming in at a stinging £13.50 it’s not something to drink if you’re on a budget, but if you’re looking to splash out, it’s definitely a luxurious treat for the coming summer months.

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