Beyond tonic: the best mixers to complement Beefeater gin

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Apr 17, 2020

Beyond tonic: the best mixers to complement Beefeater gin
There’s more to life than just plain tonic water. Let’s look at the many exciting and flavorful mixers you can enjoy that will fully bring out the flavours of your favourite Beefeater gin.

1. Rose water or lavender water

Make it at home like the purists! Collect untreated lavender flowers or rose petals, bring to a boil, and leave to infuse for 12 hours. Filter and keep in the fridge.

2. Elderflower water

A refreshing, homemade elderflower cordial. Mix the flowers with water, a splash of vinegar and a squish of lemon, and leave to rest 24 hours before straining.

3. Cucumber water

Cut up an organic, peeled cucumber before plunging the slices in cold water and adding ice cubes to capture the aromas. An hour later, you’ll have the perfect base for a cocktail.

4. Earl Grey tea

Infused and cooled, transformed into a granita, sorbet or concentrated extract, Earl Grey tea is the perfect ally for sparkling water and gin.

5. Rosemary infusion

Boil a few branches in hot water like an infusion, then leave to cool before mixing with a dash of gin. Dose carefully according to everyone’s taste, as the aromatic effect can be strong.

6. Pomegranate juice

Cut the fruit in half and press the fruit in a juicer. Filter the grains left in the liquid extracted, as their bitterness would alter the flavor.

7. Gazpacho

Blend a red bell pepper, a green bell pepper, one cucumber, garlic and an onion, before pouring in a shot of gin to give this traditional Spanish chilled soup some extra zing.

8. Blood orange juice

More surprising than traditional grapefruit, it will add Mediterranean flavours to your gin. Ideally, press the fruits fresh in wintertime, when blood oranges are at their best.

9. Ginger juice

Less dense than ginger beer and easier to dilute in fresh or flavored water, it lends heat and vigour to gin when mixed in a chilled drink.

10. Coffee

Strong, iced coffee. A double espresso will cool down in seconds once you put in some crushed ice and a teardrop of gin, for a surprising and full-bodied effect.

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