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    Lavender Suzoni

    Lavender Suzoni cocktali by Tristan Simon from Résistance bar in Paris

    Tristan Simon from Bar Résistance in Paris was looking for a twist on the Negroni for Résistance new menu. Lavender infused gin poped in his mind, then did Suze. And if he was going to include french gentian bitter, why not Byrrh!

    Suze based cocktails


    • 4 cL Byrrh®
    • 3 cL Suze classique
    • 3 cL Lavender Infused Plymouth Gin
    • 1 part Orange zest

    how to mix a Lavender Suzoni

    Build in glass, on the rocks in an Old fashioned glass. Express an orange zest on top and garnish with it!


    • Rate :
    • Glass type : Rocks Glass
    • Taste : Bitter, Herb, Spirits palpable
    • Skill level : average
    • Main spirit : Gin

    Works great with: