Daiquiri de la mina at Carbón

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Mar 13, 2019

Craft cocktails are standard fare in any Parisian establishment that’s worth its salt, but Carbón takes the approach further with a conceptual menu based on fire and coal in their clandestine and cool basement bar.

And of course, it follows that their signature drink, the daiquiri de la mina, is anything but basic. While the cocktail menu is short and sweet – seven drinks currently – each drink is about precision and balancing flavours.

A classic old-school daiquiri is made of rum, lime juice and sugar, to get a perfect sweet and sour hit. A frozen daiquiri is a whole other ball game and nothing on the original. Yes, it sounds simple, but his basic recipe can be endlessly reinterpreted and reinvented. Julie who heads up Carbón’s La Mina cocktail bar explains that the inspiration comes from Cuba, and the charcoal mills and plantations found there. This signature cocktail is based on a mix of three rums, one of them infused with grilled, carbonised pineapple, for a full-on flavour hit.


Here’s the recipe for the perfect end-of-day pick-me-up. Warning, it’s dangerously drinkable:

  • Add the three-rum blend to Oloroso sherry, squeeze in black lime juice followed by black molasses into a shaker with plenty of ice
  • Cuban roll with a strainer. Easier said than done. It’s a pouring technique which helps chill the cocktail but limits dilution from melting ice
  • Repeat a few times. (Practice makes perfect anyway!)
  • Pour into a coupe glass. Add the signature “charcoal” thumbprint to the base if you want to nail every last detail
  • Torch the cocktail briefly to enhance the smoky flavours and to thrill the pyromaniac within

There you have it, get mixing and enjoy a little taste of Cuba the Carbón way.

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