Dante cocktail: The Garibaldi

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Mar 12, 2019

dante cocktail garibaldi
“We didn’t invent the Garibaldi, but we perfected it,” says Naren Young, beverage director at New York’s Dante. The classic Italian cocktail, a light, uncomplicated aperitif if there ever was one, is ubiquitous in its homeland of Italy, but, like some of the best Italian dishes, remains relatively unknown stateside.

At Dante, the Garibaldi, advertised via colourful text painted on a pillar at the bar, is simply a mix of Campari and fresh squeezed orange juice, served on the rocks in a highball glass, with a wedge of orange on top.

“It unpretentious,” Young says of the drink’s accessibility. “Everyone should try it.” It’s also remarkably easy to drink. Quickly.

The secret to Dante’s “perfect” Garibaldi is the fresh-squeezed Navel orange juice, peeled and spun through a Breville juicer – Young tested several brands and styles of machine before settling on this model – to create a bit of subtle fluffiness that Young says is the key to the entire drink. No shaking or tricks are necessary to get that delicate layer of foam on the cocktail – it’s all in the rapid juicing process.


To make the Garibaldi:

  • Pour tiny bubble-laden juice over two perfectly square ice cubes
  • Stir with 1.5 oz of Campari
  • Top with more foaming juice, giving the finished cocktail an ombre-esque, gradual orange hue, reminiscent of a sunrise.

The orange wedge served on top can be eaten before, during or after consuming the drink (or not at all), or squeezed into the beverage for a bit more pulpy flavour — there’s no wrong way to consume a Garibaldi, Young encourages. The entire point is just to sit back, enjoy and let the bitter, sweet and citric flavours mesh.

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