Delicious mocktails that will make a great detox treat!

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Oct 03, 2018

Copper Bay
I love a great cocktail, but from time to time, you really can have too much of a good thing. So, after the carefree carousing of summer and before the excess of the holiday season, more people seem to be partaking in “Sober October”.

Whether you’re going alcohol-free for the full month or just looking for a less potent change of pace, mocktails are the answer for interesting imbibing of a more innocent nature. And, I’m not talking drinks that are simply non-alcoholic beverages. When done correctly, mocktails involve the same creativity, attention to detail and focus on fresh ingredients found in current craft cocktail culture. And these days plenty of Paris bars are proving virgin cocktails aren’t just for kiddies.

At popular places like Pas de Loup or the Quixotic Project’s bars (Candelaria, Glass, le Mary Celeste and Hero), mocktails have always been well thought out and present in their drinks programme. In addition, they also appreciate the lower-alcohol trend and offer options that incorporate lighter proof ingredients like vermouths.

At Red House, bartender Jen Riley creates bespoke non-alcoholic drinks based on guests’ preferences that are so pretty and tasty that customers forget they’re booze-free. The Copper Bay team also customizes non-alcoholic creations for teetotalers rather than give everyone the same options because they believe it adds to the experience when guests get the individualized service of a specialty made exclusively for them.

While tiki is known for high-octane concoctions, Dirty Dick offers one soft option with the “Betraying Yourself.” Its description on the menu: “Non Alcoholic. Shame on you. That is all.” shows the playful nature of the place while the drink itself (a blend of fresh juices, blackberry syrup and mint leaves) shows their skill at mixing with our without booze. Owner Scottie Schuder succinctly sums the drink up as “awesome.”

At Mabel, Cocktail Den & Rum Empire they don’t list mocktails on the menu, but owner/bartender Joseph Akhavan does use seasonal ingredients to mix something up when asked for a non-alcoholic option. At the moment it’s a mélange of organic pineapple, lemon, grapefruit-cardamom sherbet, organic grenadine, organic apple and ginger ale.

For something a little luxurious, head to the bar of the Prince de Galles hotel, where head barman Christopher Gaglione serves the Mosaic. This tasty tipple is made with four fruit tea, raspberry puree, cranberry juice, timut pepper syrup, orange flower water and topped with ginger beer. Presentation is simple and sophisticated, served in an old fashioned glass with an ice ball.

And finally at Silencio, Rob McHardy showcases his skill and attention to detail with two virgin cocktails. The Fig Up was inspired by a dish from chef Olivier Rames at “Silencio la maison de l’Aiguebrun” this summer and includes bio fig jam, cold infused lavender water, fresh pear juice, salt solution and Fevertree tonic water. Or order his Five and Day and feel doubly righteous for both detoxing and getting your daily veggie quota with this mix of fresh savory juices and spicy pepper, horseradish, Bitter End barbecue bitters and a few more surprises.

In addition to the alcohol-free options, these bars all turn out a great cocktail, so when you’re done with detox you can treat yourself to something a little stronger.

Written by Forest Collins


Photo by Copper Bay

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