Eclectic, creative and dynamic, Berlin has long been synonymous with decadence and Bohemian nightlife. Given the blissfully relaxed licensing laws and the prevalence of 24-hour establishments, the German capital offers a novel and exciting bar-hopping experience.

Finding the best bars in Berlin

The artistically inclined will relish bars like Luzia in the Kreuzberg area, with its custom wall art; or head over to the Volksbühne to check out some indie galleries before a visit to Bar 3. Those in the know will make a beeline for the Bahnhof Friedrichstrasse station and Bar Tausend nearby – behind its unprepossessing iron door, this high-class venue is one of the city’s most fashionable nightspots. Want a real taste of Berlin‘s boho shabby chic? Das Hotel is the ideal destination, with its quaint candle-lit interior, eclectic furnishings and arty clientele. Over on Schönleinstrasse, Bei Schlawinchen serves a lively mix of locals and hardcore partiers, 24 hours a day – it’s a bit grittier than your average tourist trap and lots of fun. Adventurous bar-goers will want to check out Barbie Deinhoff’s, a cheerfully camp and loveably louche nightspot run by celebrated drag queen Lena Braun. Or head to Die Weinerei, known as much for its business model as its selection of fine wines, where for just a couple of euros, you can rent a wine glass that comes with unlimited refills and pay whatever you want for the wine.

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