Rocks. Even if the beach is pebbly and the famous pier is yet to rise again, Brighton always has a special vibe that keeps it bubbling along to its own tune.

Cool bars in Brighton

Brighton’s nightlife is as varied and vibrant as the colourful houses and influential music this coastal city is famous for. From retro spots drenched in baroque style and unabashedly 1920s spirit like Proud Cabaret to the driving basslines and bevy of drink deals at Revolution bar, the city offers diverse flavours of party to savour.

The lanes, a whimsical maze of winding streets is full of unusual bars to discover. For added vintage glamour – this time from New Orleans – then step into The Mesmerist, famous for its burlesque and circus-influenced Saturday shows. And if your idea of a night out is bringing a bottle of your own to the bar, there’s a place in town that won’t take it from you at the door. BYOC invites guests to bring their own spirits, and then, with the help of its team of mixologists, try some of the best cocktails.

This is a coastal town after all, so be sure to venture down to the seafront and experience the nightlife there. Got a thirst for craft beers, a hunger for scrumptious street food, and a taste for both live and electronic music? You can get your fill at Patterns, a vibrant spot on the location of the ground-breaking electro music hub, Audio, which draws an effervescent, creative crowd. Against the backdrop of one of the country’s most iconic seafronts, the lively blend of bars ensure there’s plenty to eat, drink and be merry about in Brighton.

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