Ten years ago, Cardiff was wallowing in post-industrial depression, then it became the Capital of the new Welsh government and it hasn't looked back since. The city's civic rebirth has come hand in hand with a cultural regeneration and this has had a knock on effect on its already burgeoning nightlife.

Cool bars to try in Cardiff

Known for a club scene with a wild, exuberant streak, Cardiff definitely offers the heady, party atmosphere it’s famed for. But this party chameleon of a city is tinged with other flavours of fun, too.

With a name that’s fresh with flavour, Peppermint, in the city centre, offers raucous revelry and cool cocktails, including foodie blends like Mint ‘n’ Maple Julep and even a Banoffee Pie-based libation. Open until 3AM every day, you can easily satisfy those midweek party cravings whenever the urge strikes you. For a classically chic bar, with vintage chandeliers and gilded mirrors, but with a club-like buzz, enter 10 Feet Tall. This venue is all things: bar, kitchen, DJs and live music. With a party that flows across three floors, expect a varied soundtrack in this cool, theatrical space and sample the tasty churros alongside your tipple of choice. If your style is more speakeasy sophistication, then make your way to Ten Mill Lane. Drawing inspiration from easy-listening bars, the location mixes a calm, discreet space with a quirky cocktail menu featuring handmade syrups and bitters.

Whether you like your partying turned up or toned down, Cardiff is a city that calibrates it to your tastes.

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