Cologne is city of considerable riches. It contains some of Germany's most magnificent buildings and boasts excellent museums and arts venues. It also has an appealingly varied nightlife scene.

Bars in Cologne, the home of culture, clubs and cocktails

Perched on the river Rhine, Cologne is the bustling cultural hub of North West Germany. Home to incredible food, a buzzing art scene and a cathedral that looks like it should be in a gothic fairy tale, this city is alive with activity. When it comes to enjoying the bars in Cologne, head to one of their expansive beer halls for a true party atmosphere. Grab a pint of traditional Kölsch local beer and soak in the sights and sounds. Wandering waiters will supply you with another beer without you even having to ask. For one of the best cocktails in Cologne, head to Ona Mor, where only the most premium of ingredients are used to create their expert mixology. Or why not head to Pepe a cute, quirky bar in the centre of the city’s Belgian quarter and relax on their patio, cocktail in hand.

For a truly unique experience, visiting Cologne during the Cologne Carnival is an absolute must. Known locally as “Fastelovend”, the carnival season begins on November 11th at 11:11 but truly comes into force in the lead up to Lent. Week-long street parties and festivities that run through the night take place from Women’s Carnival Day on ‘Fat Thursday’ until Ash Wednesday the following week. The bars in Cologne truly create an experience not to be missed.

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