A beautiful museum-like city of the kind Italy seems to specialise in, Firenze has been a sightseer's Mecca for much of the past century. Its architectural treasures - the Piazzale Michelangelo, San Miniato, and the Fortezza Belvedere - are concentrated in the small, historic core of the city.

Bars in Florence: nightlife in the city of timeless beauty

When you think of the epitome of Italian class and sophistication, cobbled streets packed with classic wine bars, pizzerias and boutique fashion, the image you conjure up is the Tuscan capital of Florence. This quaint, exquisitely beautiful city provides the perfect backdrop for its huge range of nightlife. From premium wine lounges to caverns filled with some of the country’s best creative cocktail connoisseurs, the bars in Florence are filled with wonder.
Something that cannot be missed during any trip to Italy is a taste of the Italian tradition of Aperitivo. The concept of Aperitivo began as a simple glass of wine or beer served with a selection of snacks, but has evolved to include, in some locations, full buffets with pasta, local delicacies and artisanal bread. Pay for your drink and eat what you want. What could be better? If you are keen to sample this tradition, head to Kitsch, a quirky bar full of a peculiar antique furniture, or if you would prefer a more Florentine institution, try Zoe/Negroni, two neighbouring bars frequented by locals all year round. If you have already eaten and just want delicious drinks with a view, then Il Santino could be the place for you, gaze out from their roof terrace as you sip on a delicious glass of wine. True bliss.

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