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Come the weekend, London is a city ablaze with nightlife. From the West End to the East End, from the North Bank to the South Bank, the city's map is lit up with bars and clubs, buzzing with the cosmopolitan flavours London is world-famous for. Take it all in by going underground; follow the iconic Tube map to sample the secret bars in London bubbling beneath the city's surface.

Start in Shoreditch, east London, home of the most arty, hipster London bars. Check out Old Street 5cc, a gin-specialist cocktail bar hidden deep in a pub cellar. Then head north to Angel for the edgy Four Sisters; the building has a seedy past and is now famous for its Negroni, aged in sherry casks.

Next, take the Central line to Oxford Circus, in the famous West End, to subterranean bar Cahoots. Follow the secret signs until you get to its vintage 1940s underground train-themed décor. Then, jump on the Victoria line, head south and get ready to come up for air. Alight at Brixton for Brixton Beach, a sand-strewn, Cuban-infused rooftop bar, high above London’s most flavourful district. Sip on tropical, rum-soaked cocktails, then dance the night away to live music and DJs set to soundtrack the summer.

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