Bars in New York


New York City

New York is not a city that needs an introduction. Vibrant, dazzling and full of good times just waiting to happen, NYC is the perfect town for lovers of nightlife. Alongside of all the big-name establishments, there's always something special to discover - every little side-street may hide some secret treasure. While some bars in New York trumpet their presence, others are more cagey. Unless you know what to look for, you could walk straight past many top watering holes without even knowing it.

If you want to push the boat out, there’s the Maison Premiere. One of Brooklyn’s foremost nightspots, this is the quintessential New York bar. Tableside martini service and an opulent but unstuffy atmosphere make this a memorable night out. Alumni from the Maison Premiere frequently spin off to set up their own establishments, such as the colourfully named Dead Rabbit; this drinking den has a 19th-century saloon flavour, giving you the impression that you might run into a Victorian gangster at any moment. If you’re looking for a more staid atmosphere, the Clover Club lets you stay in the 1800s but has a less rough-and-ready feel. For something a bit more modern, stop by the Japanese-influenced Bar Goto for an Umami Mary or a cherry-blossom Sakura Martini.

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