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From stylish Belleville to the bohemian Left Bank, the cocktail scene in Paris has really hit its stride in the trendy 'teens. While the City of Light is highly commended for its delectable food and wine, bars in Paris had somewhat lagged behind until very recently. Now there are countless vibrant new watering holes to choose from.

If you find yourself on the Rue Commines, stop in at Le Mary Celeste for a handcrafted cocktail and a plate of delicious snacks, such as devilled eggs or locally sourced seafood. Over on the Rue des Vinaigriers, you’ll find the Gravity Bar with its unusual house cocktails and eye-catching décor. Belleville’s BLV offers tried-and-trusted cocktail recipes, along with Asian-influenced food choices to nibble out on the terrace. For a more down-to-earth experience, the 11th arrondissement’s Les Trois 8 is a fun rock-themed establishment with a great selection of craft beers. Also in the 11th is the on-trend, but very relaxed, Bluebird, with plenty of cunningly prepared beverages to enjoy. If more substantial food offerings are what you need, try the Café Moderne on Rue Keller. Instead of one or two signature cocktails, this place offers artisanal creations made from fresh ingredients – there’s always something new to try.

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