You cannot travel to Iceland without travelling to the capital. Apart from the fact that there is only one airport on the island, nearly all entertainment, economic and cultural activities take place here, and one in three Icelanders live here.

Cool bars to visit in Reykjavik

As a super-small city, Reykjavik is the perfect size to party in its most concentrated, potent form. With almost all the city’s bars and pubs within walking distance of each other, it makes for the easiest bar crawl imaginable. The late openings, rarity of entrance fees and absence of queues mean this city offers revelry under almost perfect conditions. Most venues are a blend ofbetween bars, clubs, cafés and restaurants.

For a bustling, live atmosphere, step into Kaffibarinn the most popular bar in Reykjavik. With its alternative and electro soundtrack, it’s a draw for hipsters and musicians alike. For more sedate, jazz-influenced sophistication, step into the Green Room, a Piano Cocktail Club in the heart of the capital. For another dose of live music, visit Húrra which blends its own house band with electro-spinning DJs. Feel like enjoying some some craft beers in a seriously mellow setting? Then walk the extra ten minutes out of town to the Bryggjan Brewery, a spacious bar right on the harbour. Say ‘Skál’! – ‘cheers’ in Icelandic – and sip on the home-brewed ales while you take in the view.

Increasingly internationally known for its open, electric nightlife, this Icelandic city is a definite dream stop on a bar tour of the world.

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