Best bars in Tenerife



Best known to the English-speaking world as a holiday resort Island, Spanish Tenerife in the Canary Islands draws influences from Europe and South America for its night scene.

Bars in Tenerife

While most anglophones would suggest Playas de las Américas as the place to be to party, there is more to this resort than the famous Lineker’s bar along the main drag. Tramps is a club that attracts world-famous DJs and maintains a buzzing atmosphere throughout the night. The Bulls Head Bar also has a steady supply of live music.

If you fancy a step away from the mainstream, then our top tip would be to hit La Laguna, home to the island’s university and, consequently, some amazing bars, like Tasca Anaga and Barbas Bar to name just a few. But be warned; they don’t warm up until midnight at the earliest. You can also try the Noria district of Santa Cruz where the island’s Latin influences are plain to see. Try a Mojito at chic Mojos y Mojitos or a Caipirinha at stylish Los Reunidos, a local hang out. Puerto de la Cruz also has a hot Latino club scene that doesn’t get going until the early hours. Be sure to try dark and steamy Azucar; the atmosphere is electric.

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