Diet-friendly partying: the 10 best low-calorie cocktails

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Apr 25, 2018

best low calorie cocktails
So, we all know the feeling. You’re trying to lose a bit of weight, but every week someone wants to go for a “casual drink”. Oh, how we love the casual drink. The classy way to get absolutely bamboozled on Porn Star Martinis, and still be able to Instagram it. Don’t want to give up the casual cocktail night? But also want to fit into that oh-so-tight cocktail dress? Fear not. We are here to help. Here is our definitive guide to the top 10 low calorie and diet-friendly cocktails.

1. Gin and (Slimline) Tonic

It’s not necessarily a cocktail as such, but since this low cal classic comes in at only 110 calories, it definitely deserves a mention. This limey delight will always be on the menu, so we reckon it’s time to make it our happy hour favourite.


2. Mojito

One of Shakira’s favourites (apparently), this classic cocktail clocks in at only 170 calories. Not too bad for a drink with a heap of sugar. The Mojito will add a diet-friendly taste of summer to any celebration, all year round.


3. Sea Breeze

With a calming name like that, and coming in at only 180 calories, how could you say no? This is basically the low-calorie version of a vodka cranberry. The Sea Breeze replaces some of the cranberry with a splash of grapefruit. Extra tangy and extra delicious.


4. The Old Fashioned

If you’re feeling a little suave of a cold December evening, this could be the one for you. This drink packs a punch and if we’re thinking less calories and more tipsiness, the Old Fashioned is the way to go. This bourbon-based beauty will only set you back 150 calories, and it is simply delicious.


5. Sazerac

For all the whiskey lovers. A hefty mix of whiskey, bitters, absinthe, sugar and water, the Sazerac is one of the lowest-calorie drinks on this list. At only 140 calories, you are getting quite the drink. It may sound like it could blow your head off, but the sugar and bitters make this an incredibly drinkable cocktail. Almost too drinkable.


6. Grapefruit Mimosa

This is one for the Sunday brunchers. Take your mimosa up a notch with a splash of grapefruit – the tang of the citrus with the fizz of the champagne will help curb even the worst Saturday night hangovers. And, at only 120 calories, you don’t need to feel so guilty about that fry up.


7. Skinny Moscow Mule

If the bar has diet ginger beer, and you don’t have a major sweet tooth, this could be the perfect low calorie cocktail for you. If you opt out of the sugar, and swap the ginger beer for its diet version, this becomes one of the lowest calorie drinks out there. At only 80 calories, it’s a ginger lover’s dream.


8. Bloody Mary

OK, so the Bloody Mary has it all. It manages to be alcoholic, delicious, filling and one of your 5 a day, all in one fell swoop. This is not saying that the Bloody Mary is healthy – there is still that pesky vodka in there – but this 100-calorie cocktail is perfect for anyone watching their figure.


9. Martini

We’ve all seen James Bond in the films, and he’s not exactly chubby. So, what is the key to his dietary success? Some may say that the whole running around and saving the world thing could have something to do with it. This may be valid, but then, can we prove that it’s not the Martinis? No, we cannot. At only 75 calories, whether it’s shaken or stirred, this drink is a winner.


10. Cosmopolitan

Parties are the time to channel your inner Carrie Bradshaw. Get ready to rock up in an extravagant dress, some absolutely killer heels and an impractically tiny clutch bag. Naturally, your look will not be complete without a Cosmopolitan to sip on as you strut through the room. Yes, this drink is as sweet as they come, but fear not, it will only set you back 100 calories. We swear on Chanel.


So, although you may accidentally have a few hundred cosmos this weekend, you can rest assured that these guilt-free cocktails are easy on the waistline. Just because you’re on a diet doesn’t mean you can’t have as much fun as everyone else. Mix and match these low cal cocktails so you can work the room and continue to be fabulous.

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