Dress up your ice cubes for summer with these 5 easy tricks!

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Jun 13, 2022

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What if your summer drinks’ wow factor came from your ice cubes? Try these creative hacks for cocktails, mocktails, ice…

What if your summer drinks’ wow factor came from your ice cubes? Try these creative hacks for cocktails, mocktails, ice teas and lemonades that are sure to make a splash.

These are also great to give a humble glass of sparking water a nice, eye-catching little upgrade, giving your lunch or dinner guests something to talk about.

Pro tip: for extra clear ice that will make your creations pop, use boiled then cooled distilled water to limit impurities and air bubbles, which are responsible for making ice cloudy.

Floral ice cubes

To suspend edible flowers in your ice cubes, you need to work in layers. Larger ice cubes are best for this recipe. Fill your ice tray with water a quarter of the way, add your flowers and freeze. Add more water until filled halfway, then freeze again. Fill to the top and freeze one last time.

Glitter ice cubes

Nothing like a bit of sparkle to add some magic to your drinks. You can match the edible glitter to your party’s color theme, make separate ice trays in distinct colors complementing each of your drinks, or try mixing up different color combinations. Let your imagination run wild!

Smoothie ice cubes

Add a punch of flavor, texture and color to your drinks with vibrant smoothie cubes! With all the different fruit combinations to try, the possibilities are endless. Topped with chilled champagne or prosecco, these work particularly well to instantly upgrade your mimosas.

Melon ice balls

These don’t require any water, and double as delicious snacks when you’re done with your drink. Plus, nothing screams summer quite like fresh, juicy melon. Simply carve up some melon balls and pop them in the freezer for a few hours in an ice tray. Once frozen, store them in sealed ziploc bags. You can build up a multi-colored assortment by carving out and freezing a few pieces each time you buy a cantaloupe, honeydew, canary melon… even watermelon!

Hibiscus infusion ice cubes

Give your drinks a floral, zingy twist with hibiscus infusion ice cubes! Plop a couple of cubes in your drink or add a batch to your punch bowl and watch as their vibrant red hue starts swirling in as they melt.

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