3 airport bars in Europe that make the layover worth it


3 airport bars in Europe that make the layover worth it

You wouldn’t expect airport hotel bars to be trendy or interesting enough to actually be glad for the layover… and…

You wouldn’t expect airport hotel bars to be trendy or interesting enough to actually be glad for the layover… and yet!

Keep these 3 stellar venues in mind for your next European trip, you never know when they might come in handy.

Axis Lobby & Cocktail bar, Amsterdam Schiphol

With deep blue velvet couches and a giant circular bar surrounded by elegant stools, the modern yet comfortable vibe creates the perfect backdrop for a random meet-cute or an evening of nice conversation with a travel companion you just met. The staff’s prohibition-era uniforms resonate nicely with the art deco gold panels that adorn the walls. Behind them, an island of bottles takes center stage, with gin as the main character. So many gins! In the well-designed passport lookalike menu, several pages are dedicated to this beverage of choice. The title of the page says it all “Gin is a solution to every problem”. Well don’t we all agree… Sorted by country, each gin is carefully selected and sourced. Since you’re in Amsterdam, why not opt for a local distillery, with just a simple tonic to really bring out all the flavor? Trust your friendly bartender, they will know precisely which pairing will be best for your selected drink.

Dancers Bar, London Heathrow

Located in the atrium of the Hilton at London’s Heathrow Airport, Dancers Bar will be your perfect reprieve from a busy day of travelling. What is so great about this place is that whether you come in for people watching or to kill time with your colleagues in between flights, it knows how to show you a good time. All the travelers mingle into one fun group and that “one drink only” before bed soon turns into several. The bartenders are fun and amicable and keep the crowd happy and entertained with their impeccable storytelling and cocktail creations. If you’re feeling adventurous, opt for the Jade, a champagne-based concoction shaken with midori melon, blue curacao and lime juice.

Nightflight Bar, Munich Airport

In the large atrium that houses huge – we’re talking several stories high – palm trees, you will find plush red sofas, intimate nooks and, most importantly, a well-stocked bar. Sure, it isn’t the most ideal setting for a date, but when it comes to a quick drink alone or with your travel companions between flights? It does the job, and it does it well. The staff is friendly and well trained, and you might even be able to push for a signature cocktail. While you’re at it, peruse the menu and order a juicy burger or a fancy salad to soak it all up. No reason to rush, the eclectic mix of guests and travelers from all over the world that passes through will be there most of the night. We never really expected such a place to actually be lively enough to make us enjoy our evening thoroughly, and yet… After a drink or two you will completely forget that you are in an airport hotel. And wait until you see the impressive glass windows and ceilings turn bright pink come nightfall!

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