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Three out-of-the-box cocktail bars in South Pigalle, Paris

Let South Pigalle bring out your naughty side. At the foot of the Montmartre hill, walking distance from the iconic…

Let South Pigalle bring out your naughty side. At the foot of the Montmartre hill, walking distance from the iconic Sacré-Coeur and Moulin Rouge, the Paris’ infamous historic red light district is now one of the trendiest spots to grab a cheeky late-night drink.

Famous nightclubs and concert venues surround the area, making it a top Parisian destination for music lovers and nighttime party people. It is bordered on its north side by neon-lit sex shops and adult cinemas, conspicuous modern remnants of its seedy past. Downhill, the brothels, hostess bars and cabarets of yore have been transformed into classy cocktail venues and lively drinking dens.

If you’re after an evening full of surprises, check out one (or all three) of these offbeat cocktail bars — but don’t blame us if you miss your curfew.

Dirty Dick

A beloved Pigalle institution, Dirty Dick has been enchanting night owls with its crazy decor and masterfully made tiki cocktails since 2013. Once inside, we are immediately transported to a deliciously tropical atmosphere, like a surreal beach bar between Hawaii, California and Polynesia. Bamboo, wicker chairs, Maori masks, delirious frescoes… the exotic and colorful interior brings forth a hefty dose of escapism, the pristine vacation vibes completed with that first sip of a fruity and treacherous Zombie handed by a Hawaiian shirt-clad bartender.


This intimate, boudoir-inspired gem is quintessential Pigalle. Past the mysterious black facade flanked by candles, a decadently sultry atmosphere — all red and leopard print, velvet, tapestries, chandeliers and plush cushions — awaits. The lit pink marble bar is a showstopper, and so is the dance pole surrounded by glistening gold mosaics standing next to it. On the menu, delicious Nikkei cuisine and exclusive cocktails that change with the seasons, perfectly complemented by a lively programming of DJ sets, burlesque parties and drag shows throughout the week.

Le Cancan Pigalle

Feel like taking the fun up a notch? Nestled in a former hostess bar a stone’s throw away from the Moulin Rouge, Le Cancan Pigalle is the neighborhood’s latest festive restaurant and cocktail venue. Subdued lighting with neon accents set the tone, with creative cocktails and addictive food you’ll keep wanting to order more of as you enjoy a live concert, a stand-up act or a burlesque cabaret show depending on the day of the week. If you’re looking for a lively night out with friends, this is one of those special places where there’s always something exciting going on.

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