Edmund Oast

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Aug 06, 2018

Edmund Oast
Pay a visit to this Charleston restaurant-brewery, where - make no mistake - it’s all about the beer

Charleston has become a famed drinking and dining destination but brewpub Edmund Oast stands out from the rest. After opening, it fast became a favourite hang-out among locals and is now making a name for itself beyond South Carolina state.

“Oast” is a European term for the kiln used for drying hops, but the restaurant’s namesake is actually Englishman Edmund Egan. Edmund arrived in Charleston in the 1760s to set up a brewery. After his venture took off and rapidly became a success, Edmund donated much of his fortune to the American Revolution, earning the nickname, ‘The Rebel Brewer.’

And this is indeed somewhat of maverick venture. A cosy and comfortable space but with a distinctly trendy edge, Edmund Oast’s unique and entertaining take on the classic brew makes it a must-visit for any beer-lover.

With a brewery on-site, this is a gastro-pub that puts the emphasis on firmly on pub. There are 48 handcrafted taps, and while some pour soda, cider, wine and mead, the rest are dedicated to beers. Sours, witbiers, saisons, IPAs, imperial stouts from Belgium – you name it, they’ve got it. The impressive and exhaustive list of draught beers from all around the world is a selection miles ahead of most of its rivals in the rest of the city.  

Not to mention the house brews, celebrated as some of the best beers in the area. From the Tweed Jacket English – a real crowd pleaser – to the Peanut Butter & Jelly ale, this is certainly beer for the modern age. Plus, with a creative cocktail menu and two punches available on tap, there is plenty for those who want something with more of a kick than ale too.

As for the food, this is not your standard pub fare. The menu is dynamic and ambitious but without any flashy posturing. With its contemporary twist on the classics, this is plain-speaking food that puts the ingredients centre stage. Think rye bread, mounds of pickled shrimp, herb garnishes, snacks like devilled eggs and pork sliders, hearty starters, family-favourite deserts, and an exceptional array of seafood and charcuterie. The menu is seasonal and locally sourced but most importantly, it is created with the beverage list in mind. So before diving in, ask your waiter about the best drink to pair with your food, and, of course, visa versa.

Take your pint and a seat at one of the communal tables, or, in the summer, you can relax out on the patio under the shade of the oak trees. If you want to take your dining experience to the next level, you can enjoy a direct view of the kitchen at the exclusive Chef’s Counter. Here you get a front-row seat to the action and can experience the heat of the kitchen for yourself. And there is even a special seven-course Tasting Menu, courtesy of Executive Chef Bob Cook.

Edmund Oast boasts food that is authentic and straightforward without skimping on quality, and a bar that takes its beer seriously, but not too seriously. There is no pretention to be found in this brewpub: only great flavours and an almost limitless choice of beer.

Image by Yutacar on Unsplash
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