Get lost at Lost Spirits Distillery

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Mar 29, 2019

Get lost at Lost Spirits Distillery
Another day, another distillery tour… except this distillery tour is like nothing you’ve ever seen before, one that casts Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory in the shade. If you like your alcohol served with a magical dose of wonder, then the Lost Spirits Distillery Tour will definitely be for you.

These Lost Spirits creators claim to combine arts, science and innovation to bring you heady dark rums, like the Cuban inspired 151, and rich malt whiskies, such as the smoky, oaky Sayers of the Law. Their techniques are not traditional; instead, they make the most of cutting edge technology to create the flavours they want.

The Science

Their rums taste as though they have been aged between 20-30 years, which is exactly what you want from a dark rum. It is their technology that creates this flavour by altering the chemical balance of the drink within a period of just six days.
Take, for example, their malt whiskies. They are based upon an imported peat malt from the island of Islay in Scotland. When it reaches the Lab in Los Angeles, they further distil and refine the spirit, using a variety of methods and additives that only they can truly explain properly. Currently, the result is a peaty masterpiece: the Sayers of the Law and the Crying of the Puma.

The Art

Located in the Arts District of Los Angeles, you are transported into a different world, one full of possibilities, upon entering the distillery. Imagine a theme park based around alcohol, and you may be a little closer to understanding the experience. The chemists and guides are passionate and informative about the work they do and how the whiskeys and rums are created. Throw in a few tastings of their 100-proof product, and you have on your hands a fun, yet educational afternoon that’s good enough for the biggest kids among us.

Be Inspired

If you fancy a booze-based afternoon which doesn’t involve propping up the nearest bar (and remember, kids, it’s educational!), then this alcohol inspired mad scientist mash up of a tour will tick your boxes. You’ll never under-appreciate a Cuba Libre or an Old Fashioned again.

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