Keep it sweet or keep it spicy?

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Aug 06, 2018

Keep it sweet or keep it spicy?
You can do both with jalapeño honey, the surprise ingredient in the Infield Punch cocktail

Charleston, the oldest and largest city in South Carolina, has long enchanted travellers with its historic mansions, cobbled streets, salt marshes and walled gardens.

The city’s appeal is nothing new. But in addition to its Gone with the Wind glamour, people are now flocking to the city thanks to its thriving drinking and dining scene.

And when you learn that bartenders are experimenting with ingredients such as jalapeño honey, it’s no surprise.

The Rarebit, a mid-century restaurant on Upper King Street, has secured a reputation as the perfect destination for delicious late-night treats. With its retro décor and booths, it is heart-warmingly nostalgic without feeling at all old-fashioned.

While the full menu – no-frills classics like grilled cheese and fried chicken – is on offer from 11am to 10pm, breakfast is served until 2am. This all-day feast – huevos rancheros, grits, rye toast, steak and eggs, French toast, waffles and chicken – has been delighting locals and visitors alike since 2012.

And the Rarebit is also known for its old school cocktails. Staff can mix up a brilliant Sazerac or Corpse Reviver, as well as the bar’s signature Moscow Mule.

But one of the more innovative beverages to come out from behind The Rarebit’s marble-topped bar is the Infield Punch cocktail. The drink was originally created on a hot and humid Friday night, when, after a long shift pouring house pleasers. bartender Rogan Elliott decided to experiment with a banana and jalapeño honey concoction.

Far from being a slap-dash accident, the cocktail has gone on to become a restaurant favourite. The Infield Punch cocktail is the perfect drink to enjoy on hot Charleston evening, the heat of the jalapeño matching that famous Lowcountry humidity while the grapefruit and orange provide a refreshing wake-up – a great accompaniment to the all-day breakfast.

Below is the recipe for Rogan’s now celebrated cocktail. Of course, most of us don’t have jalapeno-infused honey lying around but you can mix up some of your own.

Infield Punch – Recipe

1.75oz Zaya Gran Reserva rum aged 12 years

1 oz freshly squeezed grapefruit juice

1 oz freshly squeezed orange juice

0.5 oz Giffard Banane du Brésil (banana liqueur) and jalapeño-infused honey

Lemon peel for garnishing

Shake the ingredients with ice, strain and garnish with the lemon peel.

One thing is for sure. Charleston may be the oldest city in the state, but it is home to some the newest, freshest flavours in the region.


Photo by Sonja Langford on Unsplash
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